How to Pull Off a Last-Minute, Semi Budget-Friendly Trip to the College World Series

A guide to pulling off a spur-of-the-moment, flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, whirlwind trip to see the Arkansas Razorbacks compete in the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. WPS!!


1. Grab some friends for the journey! They’ll keep you company on that 5+ hour car ride, and it’s the perfect chance to show off your fresh summer playlist.


2. Get over your hesitation towards Craigslist and search for an affordable ticket! Your dad swears by it, and you bought your pet guinea pig from them back in the fifth grade, so obviously they’re legitimate.


3. Stock up on those unhealthy, but necessary, gas station snacks! Nothing says “road trip” like gummy worms, Chex Mix, and Gatorade.


4. Pick the first cheap Airbnb you find! All the app shows you is blurry, low quality pictures? Have a feeling there could be bed bugs in those sheets? No big deal! It’s just one night, surely you can “rough it” for the Hogs, right?


5. Wrong. You arrive to Omaha, and find that the Airbnb is TERRIFYING. You find mice traps in the cabinets, the floor is unleveled, there are, in fact, bugs in the bed, and there is a lingering, unidentifiable odor. You realize you cannot “rough it” for the Razorbacks.


6. Run out of the Airbnb and frantically search for and find a hotel. This, unfortunately, will not be cheap, but at least now you can sleep with peace of mind. The Hogs are worth it, right?


7. Get to the TD Ameritrade Park! Woo pig! Finally!


8. Then, turn around and go back to the hotel because the game was delayed to the next morning due to rain.


9. Buy a pack of playing cards to avoid spending more money on food and entertainment. You see this as a mature, wise decision and give yourself an imaginary pat on the back.


10. The next morning rolls around and the time has finally come to sit in that ballpark seat. Wow! You never thought a plastic seat with cup holder attached could feel so luxurious!


11. Recreate an iconic picture while you wait for the game to start.



12. Cheer on those Omahogs as they win against Texas Tech and continue in the College World Series! Don’t forget to call those hogs!


13. Celebrate your victory by eating at Chili’s on the way home, duh.


The twists and turns of your last minute trip may seem inconvenient at first, but that’s what will make your Summer ’18 memorable. Regardless of the results of the College World Series, there’s nothing more fun than being a proud Razorback fan.



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