Why Britney Spears is a MUST follow on Instagram

Briteny Spears-A Must Follow on Instagram!

Mashable posted on their blog site that Briteny Spears is someone that you have to follow on Instagram. This immediately drew my attention and made me ask “WHY?” She has been full of ups and down in her career, but her Instagram, to my surprise, will not leave you disappointed.

As you’re scrolling through her Instagram, you will hands down see runway walks in her home, workouts with her hubby, and throwbacks that will make you think it’s still 2007.  She’ll even leave you wondering “why in the world did she just post a tigers face for no reason?” Its pure entertainment that your instagram is in desperate need of! She's reliving her old days, loving her family's new life, and letting us all follow along with her journey. 

Mashable was beyond correct, Britney is a MUST follow.  You’re doing Instagram totally wrong if you don’t check out her page and relive her 2000s with her! 



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