We get it. You've looked all over for the best screen printing and t-shirt design company to make your shirt ideas come to life. ALL Over. Well lucky you, you finally found us. Whether you're in a fraternity, sorority, or any group looking for the best hand-drawn t-shirt designs on the face of the earth...we can do it for you.

Houndstooth Press has been tried and true since ’92. That means we’ve been designing and screen printing the best greek shirts in the game for almost a quarter of a decade. Justin Bieber hadn’t even been born when we started this gig. We’ve designed and printed top notch t-shirts for groups all over the country; from San Diego to NYC and everywhere in between… there’s no t-shirt we can’t create.  Let's talk!

Yeah yeah yeah...but everybody says they're the best, right?  

Well here at The Houndstooth Press we believe that our greek shirt designs speak for themselves. We also think they’ll help speak for your group. Your organization has a unique personality, and we want our shirts to showcase that to everyone you walk past.

We've designed thousands of amazing custom t-shirts over the years; you can find a few of them below. These are just a few examples of our work that should help you gain some inspiration! We just want you to look at them for ideas, because we love putting together brand new, unique designs. We’re dog people around here, so we would never ask you to be a copycat. Like what you see? Put us to the test and give us a call at  (479)-445-7118. 

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